Leadership Coach Certification

ACSA Certified Coaches

The ACSA Clear Administrative Credential Program (CACP) is focused on developing leadership skills of current site and district administrators and is grounded in the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSEL). Leadership coaches guide candidates in the two-year program toward competency in the CPSEL. The job-embedded induction program involves face-to-face meetings with credential candidates in their work settings. A leadership coach is the most pivotal piece in a credential candidate’s program, providing support in meeting program requirements, self-assessment, goal setting, reflection and evidence of growth in the CPSEL.

Leadership Coach Code of Ethics

  • My goal as I provide coaching to a school leader will be to consistently maintain a focus on students.
  • I will commit to develop in-school leaders in the leadership skills aligned to the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders.
  • I will be sincere in my communication and reliable in meeting my commitments with the school leaders I coach.
  • I will maintain complete confidentiality of information while coaching, except as otherwise requested by the school leader, or as required by law.
  • I will support the goals for school leaders shared with me by their supervisors guarding confidentiality and fostering collaboration.
  • I will ensure school leaders I coach understand all aspects of the Coaching Agreement.
  • I will be sensitive to noting when a coaching relationship is not productive and will recommend another coach be considered by the candidate.

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