Strategic Plan

ACSA has completed a framework that will guide the work of a new strategic plan for the next three years. The work of ACSA will focus on the association’s new mission statement:

The Association of California School Administrators is the driving force for an equitable, world-class education system, and the development and support of inspired educational leaders who meet the diverse needs of all California students.

ACSA last developed a strategic plan five years ago. With the completion of that plan, it was time to develop and adopt a new plan to lead the association forward.

The planning process was one year long, and featured intense collaboration with a Core Planning Group of member leaders, as well as the input of hundreds of ACSA members.

The group conducted research, facilitated dialogue and drafted foundational language for the plan. They utilized input from regions, as well as committees and councils and the Leadership Assembly, in developing a draft Strategic Framework (mission, values and impact statements and long-term goals).

Overall, the plan identified 37 milestones to accomplish over the next three years. ACSA will focus on the following nine milestones in Year 1.

Membership Development and Support

  • Leadership development: A strategy is developed to identify and support personal and professional leadership development in a career pathway – from credentialing through retirement.
  • Professional development – delivery and reinforcement: ACSA members will have access to a wide range of delivery formats to learn in the manner and pace preferred.
  • Member networking and collaboration: Multiple platforms exist to facilitate networking and collaboration among members.

Advocacy and Influence

  • ACSA in a leadership role: ACSA is leading a collaborative effort to increase school funding in California.
  • Grassroots advocacy and influence: Each region and charter understands the importance of and is fully engaged in local advocacy efforts.

Organizational Development and Sustainability

  • Organizational alignment and accountability: A process is in place to identify on a regular basis shared state, region and charter goals, complementary roles in achieving them, and a system for reporting and accountability.
  • Clear roles, expectations, operating guidelines and suggested practices are in place for regions and charters.
  • Committees and councils are supporting the implementation of priorities in the Strategic Plan within their areas of expertise.
  • Member outreach and engagement: Recommended approaches for engaging new, existing and retired members are developed and updated regularly with input from regions.

Brochure highlighting ACSA's Strategic Plan

The ACSA Strategic Plan document is comprised of two distinct sections.

Strategic Framework: This lays the foundation for the functional Strategic Plan by articulating our Mission, Values, Impact Statements and Long-Term Goals. This section of the plan document is intended to span six years from 2018-2019 through 2023-2024. [Appears on plan pages 1-3]

Strategic Plan: This section articulates what ACSA will do to accomplish and support the concepts identified in our Strategic Framework: Mission, Values, Impact and Long-Term Goals. This section of the plan document is intended to span three years from 2018-2019 through 2020-2021. The section is divided into three Key Result Areas, each further defined by several strategic Issues and an objectives. Each Strategic Issue/Objective is then supported by several Milestones (lettered items) that describe what we will accomplish by 2021. [Appears on plan pages 4-7]

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Members and staff are partnering in the months ahead to implement ACSA’s new Strategic Plan.

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Strategic Plan