Meet the Advocacy Team

Edgar Zazueta
Senior Director of Policy and Governmental Relations

Edgar Zazueta currently serves as the Senior Director of Policy and Government Relations for the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA). In this role, he oversees the advocacy efforts in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. on behalf of the largest umbrella administrator organization in the United States. Zazueta joined the organization in 2015. Read full bio

Adonai Mack
Senior Director of Federal Relations

Adonai Mack is the Senior Director of Federal Relations for the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA). Mack is leading ACSA’s efforts in Federal Relations. Coming soon.

Laura Preston
Legislative Advocate

Laura Preston joined the Association of California School Administrators in 2000 after 9 1/2 years of public education lobbying for the California School Boards Association. Laura is highly regarded for her expertise on school facilities and school governance. Among the issues Laura works on for ACSA include legislation, credentialing, employee-employer relations, school safety, school facilities, and governance. Read full bio

Martha Alvarez
Legislative Advocate

Martha Alvarez is an active member of the education community in Sacramento as a Legislative Advocate for the Association of California School Administrators, the largest umbrella organization for school leaders in the country. In this role, she leads advocacy on the state budget, accountability, early childhood education, English language learners and a host of other education policy issues. Read full bio

Iván Carrillo
Legislative Advocate

Iván Carrillo has worked in advocacy and policy making since 2009. Iván entered the Legislature through the prestigious Assembly Fellows program. During his seven years in the Legislature, Iván secured funding, advanced policies, and created programs to support students and educators. Through his experience working in both Capitol and district legislative offices, Iván developed a unique and valuable perspective of how to intersect grassroots advocacy and policy making to create change. Iván works on issues such as pensions, student attendance and truancy, Adult Education, alternatives to discipline, and alternative education among others. Read full bio

Sarah Monte
Policy Analyst

Sarah graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2011. After graduation she moved to Sacramento, where she interned with the Association of California School Administrators' Governmental Relations Department under the guidance of Adonai Mack. From 2012 to 2015, Sarah worked at a premiere Sacramento law firm specializing in campaign finance, where she further developed her creative problem solving skills and diligent work ethic. Sarah returned to ACSA at the end of 2015 to join Adonai in the Political Affairs and Strategy unit.

Liza Morris
Legislative Associate

Liza joined ACSA in 2010 and currently serves as Legislative Associate, acting as assistant to the Directors of the department. She coordinates ACSA’s annual Legislative Action Day as well as programs such as the Education Legal Support Fund and appointments to governing bodies, and supports the Vice Presidents for Legislative Action. Contact Liza if you are looking for a Governmental Relations speaker at your next event; are interested in applying for an appointment to a governing body such as the State Board of Education, among others; want to learn about contributing to ACSA’s Education Legal Support Fund; or for information regarding Legislative Action Day.

Cathy McBride
Legislative Advocate

Cathy joined ACSA in 2016, after serving as the Deputy Legislative Secretary for the Office of Governor Brown, advising the Governor on all higher education issues. Cathy brings years of media training, strategic development, and oversight surrounding federal education policy issues. Cathy handles issues related to charter schools, child health & nutrition, higher education, mental health, STEM, and special education. For questions regarding these issues. Read full bio

Jason Henderson
Legislative Analyst

Jason is a 2015 Long Beach State University Alumnus with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. Jason interned with the Association of California School Administrators during the 2016 Legislative Session, where he developed a deep interest in policy. Prior to joining ACSA, Jason volunteered in modeling new outreach projects in the city of Long Beach. Jason’s primary roles with ACSA are analyzing legislation, managing bill tracking systems and providing advocacy support. Jason also works closely with the ACSA’s Member Services in advocating for a public education system in which all students have equal opportunities to succeed.

Christy Sinclair
Legislative Assistant

Christy joined ACSA in 2016 bringing years of governmental relations and association administrative experience. She assists the Legislative Advocates in their administrative and travel needs, as well as handling the legislative bill tracking for the department and supporting the Legislative Policy Committee. Contact Christy if you are looking for a legislative advocate to speak at your next event; for ACSA’s position on legislation; for information about ACSA's legislative webinars; or to be put in contact with the Legislative Advocate assigned to a specific bill.