If the district is paying in full, please download the Regular Membership Application from the drop down menu on the right and submit it to memberservices(at)acsa.org, together with the district’s signed P.O. or the district’s credit card number (VISA/MasterCard).

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Download Membership Application Form:

Benefits by Membership Category

Benefits Regular Associate Student Retired Retired-
School Board
EdCal weekly newspaper (print or digital edition)
Leadership Magazine (print or digital edition)
Discounts on ACSA professional development, up to 50% savings
Knowledge resources and publishing opportunities
Members-only discounts and special offers
Local networking events
Online Career Center
Serve as officers or directors at state, region, and charter levels
Serve as committee member on state committees
Serve as committee member on region and charter committees
Serve as officers or directors in charters for retired members
Professional legal assistance
Professional liability coverage
Retirees' database


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I authorize ACSA full Retired dues to be deducted monthly from my CALSTRS pension. This authorization shall be in effect until revoked by written notice from me or from ACSA. I consent to the adjustment of this deduction to reflect any change in annual dues approved by the ACSA Board of which STRS may be advised by ACSA.

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LIMITATIONS: A change of employment designation to administrative or supervisory will require a change to Regular membership.

Student members do not have voting privileges, and are not eligible to serve as ACSA officers, directors, or committee members, nor are they eligible for Professional Legal Services.Qualifying members may remain in the Student category a maximum of four years. Beyond that, a change in membership type and dues will result.

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*Contributions to support ACSA’s political activities are not tax deductible. ACSA retains sole discretion over use of member political contributions. Dues may be deductible as business expenses. ACSA estimates that the non-deductible portion of dues allocable to lobbying is 13.3%.

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Dues are prorated for the number of months remaining in the school year for members joining after July (For new members only).

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