Member Services & Benefits

ACSA Mentor Program

New administrators are paired with experienced leaders to provide personal, one-on-one support to help them survive during their first few years of leadership.

Professional Legal Assistance

Trained, experienced member assistance advocates protect the due process rights of school leaders. Discounted legal assistance is also available on a case-by-case basis.

Leadership Opportunities

ACSA offers opportunities for leadership at a local, regional and state level, including serving on committees and councils, planning events and serving on regional and state Boards of Directors.

Professional Liability Coverage

Enhanced coverage, above and beyond what is offered at most school districts.


Membership in ACSA gives you the opportunity to network with educators in your region at the local level and across the state.

Members Only Discounts

Unique discounts and special offers from trusted partners amplify the value of your ACSA membership.


ACSA is committed to making your voices heard in California and nationally, working to meet the to meet the diverse needs of all California students. #ACSAadvocates

Tools & Resources

Members have access to our Resource Hub and a wide range of vetted tools and resources from ACSA's partners, as well as receiving the award-winning publications EdCal and Leadership magazine.

Student Equity

ACSA's Equity Project advocates for a public education system in which all students have equal opportunities to succeed. Find resources you can use, including workshops, an Equity Toolkit and an Equity and Diversity action plan.

ACSA is only as strong as its members, and to that end, the Member Services Department strives to provide members with the services and resources they need to excel at their jobs.

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Member Services & Benefits