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ACSA's publications offer opportunities to advertise your business, programs, services and products, as well as open employment positions. Learn how ACSA can help you reach an audience of school administrators throughout California.
Circulation & Readership

Make your advertising dollars count! Display ads in EdCal are an affordable and effective way to promote your business.

Products, programs and services advertised include degree programs, school improvement methods, events, software, publications and more. These ads run in the main section of EdCal, ACSA's weekly newspaper, and reach school administrators making millions of dollars in purchasing decisions every year.

For complete information on display ad size, deadlines, placement, artwork specifications, payment options and publication dates, please see the rate card and calendar below.

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We offer the back cover of EdCal for maximum exposure of your product, program or service. See the rate card for details.

We also offer the opportunity to include an insert. Read the pricing and policies.

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For more information about display ads for products, programs or services in EdCal, or to place an ad, please contact the display ad coordinator, Emily Agpoon, at 916.329.3833.

To place a job ad in EdCal, please visit our Career Center for complete instructions, templates and contact information.

Leadership Magazine provides in-depth information about the most critical issues facing school leaders today. The award-winning magazine is sent to 17,000 ACSA members, as well as other decision-makers who subscribe.

Our surveys show that readers pass along their issues of the magazine to at least two other colleagues, making our readership more than 55,000 educators. The magazine is published five times a year, and each issue has a specific focus. Articles are written by education practitioners and other experts.

Take advantage of this opportunity to reach school leaders through one of the most respected publications they read.

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For more information about advertising in Leadership, contact sales rep Diana Granger at or 530.642.0111.

Testimonials from Advertisers

“We have been advertising in every issue of Leadership for more than five years now, and have found it to be the most cost-effective method to communicate our wide variety of education products. This is the best publication to influence the leaders and decision makers of California schools!”
Kent De Pue, President, BELLWORK Educational Materials
“As the education community continues to evolve, a broader range of leaders have become involved in the decision processes surrounding risk management and liability issues. Advertising in Leadership Magazine has given SELF a regular invitation into the offices of this diverse group of administrators who are shaping California education on a daily basis.”
Lois Gormley, Director of Communications, Schools Excess Liability Fund

Circulation and Readership

Who Our Readers Are

  • Principals
  • Co-administrators (vice/assistant principals)
  • Superintendents of schools
  • Assistant/deputy superintendents
  • Business Services and Human Resources professionals
  • Curriculum and Instruction, Special Education and Pupil Services administrators
  • Student and retired administrators
  • Associate members, including businesses and educational groups
  • Professors of education
  • Confidential and classified staff
  • Teachers, educational consultants and university libraries

More than 17,000 ACSA members receive EdCal and Leadership magazine throughout California. In addition, surveys have reported a pass-along readership of more than 55,000 educators, including district and county office and school site staff.

The school leaders who rely on our publications for information to get their jobs done are the people who hold the purse strings, making decisions to purchase products required for the operation of school systems and seeking out the most current, effective solutions for K-12 education.

Online Editions

Though primarily recognized as printed publications, EdCal and Leadership are also available in digital format, receiving as many as 425 views a week.

  • EdCal average weekly views per issue: 225
  • Leadership magazine average weekly views per issue: 200