Awards Program

One of ACSA's priorities is to ensure that school leaders are recognized for their excellence. Through our annual awards program we honor administrators and community members for their achievements and their dedication to public education.

The deadline for submission of 2015 nominations to state ACSA is Monday, February 2, 2015 by 5:00 p.m.

The Ferd. Kiesel and Marcus Foster award nominations may be sent directly to state ACSA; all other awards must first be submitted to your region. 2015 awards will be announced in March 2015 in EdCal and online and presented at the 2015 Leadership Summit.

Each year ACSA recognizes a select group of individuals for their significant contributions to education through three prestigious awards named in memory of past ACSA leaders: Ferd. Kiesel Memorial Distinguished Service Award, Marcus Foster Memorial Award for Administrator Excellence and the Robert E. Kelly Award.

In addition, members are honored for outstanding performance and achievement as Administrators of the Year in 21 job-alike categories.

The Valuing Diversity Award is given to the member whose efforts to promote diversity epitomize ACSA’s mission statement.

Programs and businesses that collaborate with administrators in support of education are also recognized though the Partners in Educational Excellence Award.

ACSA also recognizes the extraordinary achievements of students in each year's Every Student Succeeding Program.


Emily Senecal, Coordinator, ACSA Awards Program
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