USDOE hears concerns about disproportionality

ACSA leaders and staff sat down with key personnel in the U.S. Department of Education to discuss a number of issues, including ensuring the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act better serves California’s students and their families.

LCFF continuous improvement system taking shape

The State Board of Education is continuing to work on its vision for the Local Control Funding Formula evaluation rubrics, as well as creation of a single, coherent accountability and continuous improvement system.

Change for equity can be challenging and rewarding

Sometimes the issues that resonate with students and the local community are removed from the classroom, but still linked to the school. These issues can resonate because of shifts in our cultural awareness. This has been playing out recently in San Lorenzo USD at San Lorenzo High School, with a proposal to drop its “Rebel Guy” mascot.

ACSA academies are the fast-track to career advancement

Helping you build your career is what ACSA does best, and the association’s academies program has long been seen the “fast track” to advancement.

ACSA News Broadcast, May 13, 2016: May Budget Revision

ACSA News breaks down Governor Jerry Brown's May budget revisions. ACSA Executive Director Wes Smith explains the importance of per pupil funding.