ACSA Vision Statement

“We serve educational leaders in the pursuit of equity and excellence to meet the diverse needs of all California students.”

The Association of California School Administrators is the largest umbrella organization for school leaders in the United States, serving more than 17,000 California educators. ACSA's top priority is advocating for public school students in kindergarten through grade 12, as well as adult learners. Our mission is to be the driving force of education in California and beyond.

ACSA Leadership In Action

ACSA Storytellers

Every Student Succeeding: My Guardian Angel

Brian Radtke, former principal at Phoenix Secondary in Fresno Unified School District, holds a special bond with Isaac Daugherity. Isaac was homeless and alone at the age of 9. When he arrived at Phoenix Secondary, he had no reason to trust anyone and every reason not to. But in time, Principal Radtke earned Isaac's trust. With Radtke's help, Isaac is set to graduate in December and attend college next fall.

Every Student Succeeding: Standing Tall

Laila Raymond missed nearly one year of school to bullying. After finally confiding in educators at Fischer Middle School in San Jose, she finally got a break. The school stepped up to end the harassment and Laila has blossomed into an ambitious young woman. With sights set on Stanford and medical school to follow, she hopes one day to take care of children…as a pediatrician. We take you inside the story of a student who succeeded in conquering her bullies and her fears to become her own champion.

Every Student Succeeding: Help Is on the Way

Kassan Ortiz Farrakhan went from being a troubled student to a model student, working through issues of anger and alienation from a young age. With the help of administrators and counselors, he has learned to understand his own behavior, respect others and make different choices. Now in junior high, he has participated in his school’s anti-bullying task force and other community service activities.