ACSA's Targeted Assistance Program

The work of superintendents has increasingly become defined by their ability to navigate the complexities and challenges of political pressures and conflicting interests (local, state, and national), superintendent governance, unpredictable school finances, labor relations, school bonds, standards-based reform, and greater demands for accountability of increased student performance through state and federal legislation.

As school district superintendents navigate these increasingly challenging times, the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) is proud to deliver its new Targeted Assistance program designed to provide direct and in-district support for school district superintendents.

Experienced superintendents, district leaders, industry experts and ACSA partners are available to share successful practices, knowledge and experience.

The program focuses on providing direct assistance in three key areas to leadership and the achievement of students.

Labor relations/negotiations: From proposal to agreement

  • Fiscal analysis and contract review.
  • Review, analysis and development of bargaining proposal.
  • Direct assistance at the bargaining table.

Governance: Effective board-superintendent relations

  • Developing practices to create a partnership of professionalism and ethical standards, trust and efficiency with clearly defined roles.
  • Developing a common vision with clear goals, targets, outcomes and a monitoring system.
  • Developing a formal superintendent evaluation process focused on student performance and board expectations.

School bonds/facilities: Strategies to ensure success

  • Assist with the development of a facilities master plan and needs assessment.
  • Assist with selling and issuing bonds, financing, credit ratings, RFP and RFQ process, and working with stakeholders.
  • Plan, manage, and help facilitate projects including working with the citizen’s committee, architects, and contractors to avoid mistakes and ensure the successful completion of projects.

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For more information about this program, including how to participate, please contact Tom Armelino | 916.329.3811 or fill out the form below:

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