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ACSA's Online Learning Center delivers flexible professional development through webinars and on-demand courses.

Preparing for the Future of Education On-Demand

This series of 4 courses is focused on different aspects to guide the future of education for our district and site leaders. Included in this collection are strategies for rethinking systems to future proof learning, diversifying your bookshelves, restoratives practices, and instructional coaching for results. Over 5 hours of professional development in this series that are all presented in an on-demand format to be viewed at your convenience!

How Courageous Conversations About Race Can Lead us to Effective, Productive, and Transformative Action

This live webinar will provide participants a process of thinking and understanding the impact of race on their lives, their work, and their overall growth and development. It will also provide a model and constructs for courageous and generative discussions and conversations about race so that they are able to plan and create their own unique racial equity transformation plans in their organizations. For systemic racial equity growth, we cannot solve the problems created by systemic racism without discussing race.

System-Wide Coherence-Making: Integrating Leadership & Instructional Coaching for Results (On-Demand Course)

In this course, join Dr. Petersen, Dr. McCormick and Dr. Gold as they discuss how leaders can strategically partner with instructional coaches to a develop a comprehensive and coherent coaching program that generates buy-in and focuses on student-centered results. This course runs for one hour.

Upcoming Online Workshops

Gender Inclusive Training

Gender Spectrum will partner with the Association of California School Administrators to offer a series of professional development opportunities for educators seeking to build their capacity related to gender and school leadership. A variety of factors make this program of learning especially relevant at this current moment in time. California’s explicit protection of transgender and other gender diverse youth, growing awareness across society about the diversity of gender, evolving Federal guidelines and legal mandates and a laser sharp focus on equity and student wellness all point to the need for school administrators to better understand this complex topic and ways for accounting for it in their professional practice.

Climbing the Education Leadership Ladder Virtual Workshop

Join our session and share your personal strategies for overcoming sabotaging behaviors both at work and in your personal environment that can prevent you from gaining self-confidence and influence. Four women leaders will briefly share the results of top self-sabotaging behaviors identified by women leaders through their current research and then open up the session for a discussion on your experiences and strategies for personal and professional success.


CCSELPA Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

The Contra Costa SELPA provides a continuum of alternative dispute resolution supports and services to our 16 member Districts. These supports range from providing professional development to families and district staff, to ongoing/consult with families and district staff to resolve disputes, to facilitating high stakes IEPs. Join Justine Melendez is the Coordinator for the Contra Costa SELPA and Sara Castille is one of the three Program Specialists for the SELPA. for two engaging sessions to collaborate with peers on ADR strategies.

Online Learning Center