Asian American and Pacific Islander Leaders Network moving on challenges

August 4, 2017

ACSA’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Leaders Network continues to share valuable insight on ways to support Asian American leaders and students.

The network’s collaborative sessions have included discussions on how to empower the voices of Asian American educators, as well as how to support their career aspirations; reflections on stereotypes and ways to avoid perpetuating them; and serving as role models for the students of California. Agendas for each event are unique and specific to the needs and desires of the group.

At the latest event, networkers hosted a superintendent panel that included Mary Sieu of ABC USD, Mike Matsuda of Anaheim Union HSD, and Cyndi Paik of Westminster SD.


Panelists talked about their career paths to the superintendency, what supports – such as mentors, networks, areas of expertise and special trainings – they had to help with advancement, how they balance their professional and personal lives, and what they would have done differently, given the wisdom of hindsight.

ACSA reiterated its commitment to fostering deeper engagement of Asian American leaders, which includes focusing on efforts to provide relevant professional development and resources. Reflection by the network on harsh realities and challenges facing Asian American communities continues to generate action steps for ACSA. Challenges that are being addressed include advancing intentional recognition of diverse ethnicities within the Asian American category; strengthening the pipeline to teaching and administration through mentoring and intentional recruitment; and increasing Asian role models in political and education leadership positions.

The Asian American and Pacific Islander Leaders Network has become a respected way to engage in rich conversation that fosters empowerment, fellowship and collaboration.

“It was by far one of the best and most helpful events I’ve attended in my career,” said Charles Park, principal of Palos Verdes High School. “Thank you for empowering APIs.”

ACSA equity networking events have been held statewide to bring members of diverse backgrounds together who share similar experiences both personally and professionally. Current networks include Latino and Latina superintendents, LGBT leaders, African American leaders and Latino and Latina leaders.

Contact Member Services at if you have any questions about equity networking events.

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