AB 1220 passes Assembly 59-3

ACSA's statement on AB 1220:

The Association of California School Administrators is pleased that elected lawmakers today put the needs of students before the interests of adults in voting in support of Assembly Bill 1220.

AB 1220 will extend the probationary period with an optional third year for new teachers beyond the current two-year (18 month) deadline. By adding an additional year as part of this proposed legislation, teachers will be provided professional development to ensure they have all the tools necessary to build our next generation of leaders.

ACSA supports California teachers because they matter to students. Great teachers matter more and this bill was designed to ensure new teachers get the support and training they need to be great for our kids.

Effective teachers are needed in every classroom because they are the most important factor in improving student outcomes. Education leaders and advocates must take the time to support their development and AB 1220 benefits everyone—new teachers, experienced teachers, and students throughout the public school system.

ACSA is invested in providing teachers the support they need to thrive in the classroom—not just during their probationary period but also over the course of their career. AB 1220 was constructed to help the state’s current teacher shortage in the long run because the more opportunities to succeed, the more good teachers we retain.

Our organization, representing 18,000 education leaders statewide, is committed to the ongoing conversation regarding the extension of the teacher probationary period and look forward to the continued work to meet the needs of all students.

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