Every Student Succeeding: Victor Ramirez-Diaz

Victor never liked school…that is until he found himself at David Stine Chaffey West run by the San Bernadino County Office of Education. The school is a community day school that helps at-risk and behaviorally-challenged students whose primary goal is to help students realize their potential. That happened for Victor, whose newfound drive to succeed pushed him to his recent graduation. After a radical transformation as a student, Victor now has his sights set on law school. Good luck, Victor… ACSA is rooting for you!

July 25, 2017

Community School Turns Lives Around

If you ask Victor Ramirez-Diaz to describe his old self, he’ll give you a blunt answer.

“I was a lazy person,” Ramirez-Diaz said. “I didn’t want to get up for school. I just didn’t feel like working. Writing a lot. Reading. I just didn’t feel like getting up. It was too much honestly.”

Victor’s lack of motivation led to his expulsion from his comprehensive school. He eventually landed at David Stine Chaffey West, a community day school that helps at-risk and behaviorally-challenged students. It’s not uncommon to arrive at the school and see motivational speakers on campus. The goal is to help students realize their potential.

“It’s very normal, whether it’s from the military, entrepreneurs, community members,” David Stine Chaffey West teacher Tyrese Crawford said. “We definitely want to echo that as often as we can. They may not receive the message if it’s the first time. And we will keep on telling them until they finally get it. And it becomes second nature to not be lazy, to motivate themselves, to understand that they might have to be independent to know that they have control over their own future. We make sure we bring in various guests in order to do that.”

Victor was one of those students who needed to hear the message time and time again.

“I think even when he was in my class he would mosey in late or mosey in not at all sometimes and I would just say, ‘Victor, you’re almost a grown man,’” Crawford said. “‘And where you can get away with this and there is not much I can do to you right now, when you get into the real world, it’s going to be a whole different story. And you do not want to set yourself up for that type of future.’”

Even Victor admitted he struggled to adjust to his new environment.

“When I used to come to school, I was noisy and one of those kids who talked a lot,” Victor said. “I never listened to the teachers.”

But over time, Victor matured and realized his potential. Before long, he was showing up to class every day. He recently graduated from David Stine Chaffey West and has goals of becoming a lawyer.

“He’s gone from being completely late, horrible attendance to ‘I know what my goals are. I know what I want to do,’” Crawford said.

When asked how he would explain his change in attitude, Victor was quick to credit the educators at David Stine Chaffey West along with his family.

“I actually want them to see me be successful. And I don’t want to be a big disappointment to them. So I actually want to get up, come to school, try to come to school every day, get my work done. And I want to do my best.”

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