The Skillful Classified Evaluator

In this powerful one-day workshop, learn about meaningful employee evaluations to build capacity, due process documentation and file-building and how to have courageous conversations.

Learn to . . .

  • Establish a common philosophy across the district regarding employee evaluation.
  • Create common language used to provide meaningful and effective feedback to employees.
  • Calibrate the feedback across the district in order to build employee capacity.
  • Provide feedback to employees with quantitative and qualitative evidence.
  • Generate documents that improve the performance and skillset of a classified employee.
  • Generate assistance plans that are robust, multifaceted and improve the performance and skillset of a classified employee.
  • Prepare for and conduct effective conversations with the purpose of improving performance.
  • Create systems within a District to enhance the capacity of site supervisors to provide meaningful feedback.
  • Generate documentation that will support difficult employment decisions.
  • Communicate and work effectively with union leadership while honoring an employee’s right to representation.
  • Understand the legal requirements and ethical approaches regarding the discipline of employees.

Schedule a Training

Would you like to host The Skillful Classified Evaluator in your school district or region? ACSA welcomes the opportunity to schedule this training based upon demand and commitment for an approximate minimum of 20 participants per training.

Please contact Janaye Field to inquire.

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The Skillful Classified Evaluator