The Skillful Certificated Evaluator

This one-day workshop will focus on meaningful certificated employee evaluations to build capacity and increase student achievement, due process documentation and file-building.

Learn to…

  • Establish a common philosophy across the district regarding employee evaluation.
  • Create common language used to provide meaningful and effective feedback to employees.
  • Calibrate the feedback across the district in order to build employee capacity.
  • Provide feedback to employees with quantitative and qualitative evidence.
  • Generate documents that improve the delivery of instruction.
  • Generate assistance plans that are robust, multifaceted and improve the quality of instruction.
  • Prepare for and conduct effective conversations with the purpose of improving performance.
  • Create systems within a district to enhance the capacity of site supervisors to provide meaningful feedback.
  • Generate documentation that will support difficult employment decisions.
  • Communicate and work effectively with union leadership while honoring an employee’s right to representation.
  • Understand the legal requirements and ethical approaches regarding the discipline of employees.

Dates & Locations

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Event Registration

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The Skillful Certificated Evaluator