Trainings & Workshops

One-Day Workshops

ACSA workshops are one-day learning events designed to provide specific initial training on a concept or strategy.

Workshops are offered on a wide variety of topics in multiple locations throughout the state.


Working toward Coherence: Aligning ACS WASC, SPSA, and LCAP

Sept. 25 | 10:00-11:00 am

Local accountability and continuous improvement goals are best accomplished if school plans are aligned with LCAPs. The webinar will share how the ACS VVASC accreditation process supports school and district alignment of the SPSA and LCAP plans, including the monitoring of their implementation.

One-Day Workshops

This workshop exposes co-administrators to proactive measures for utilization in the world of discipline, records, attendance, safety and more. Providing sample policies, procedures and unique strategies to all participants during this day-long workshop, attendees are armed with tools and techniques allowing them the opportunity to become more effective instructional leader rather than a firefighter.
This workshop will provide day-to-day practical strategies and best practices in which school personnel can build a successful attendance improvement plan through a multi-tiered systems of support.
Having Hard Conversations Part 1 is an interactive one-day workshop and personal approach to mastering the art of challenging conversations. Continuing the learning in Having Hard Conversations Part 1, Having Hard Conversations Part 2 is an extension and deepening of the work of cultivating conflict competence.
This one-day workshop will equip school leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools to ensure LGBT students are educated in a safe and inclusive environment, free from bias, harassment and discrimination, and to better serve at-risk LGBT students.
The complexities of building today’s master schedule in both middle and high school can be overwhelming, especially if you have little or no master scheduling experience. This one-day workshop will provide the necessary basics, including step-by-step methods, timelines and best practices.
This one-day workshop will provide a forum to delve into the unintentional practices that marginalize women in leadership, and the female staff/students we are privileged to serve. The presentation will pull together practices related to contextual factors of diversity, equity, access and inclusion that relate specifically to a female leader’s primary role.
This full day workshop experience is geared toward helping school leaders identify how power struggles are manifested in a school, and lead the learning to eliminate them through effective professional learning for school staff and deliberate growth activities with students.
This one-day workshop is designed for administrators with Human Resources responsibilities, both new to the job and experienced, as well as classified managers and other support staff. It provides a comprehensive overview of the myriad tasks and responsibilities of the Human Resources office.
This one-day workshop will focus on meaningful certificated employee evaluations to build capacity and increase student achievement, due process documentation and file-building.
In this powerful one-day workshop, learn about meaningful employee evaluations to build capacity, due process documentation and file-building and how to have courageous conversations.

Multi-Session Trainings

ACSA trainings are in-depth learning programs, during which participants meet multiple times for one- to two-day sessions.

They bring a deeper focus to the topics covered, as well as longer-term opportunities to network with your cohort.

Multi-Session Trainings

This eight-day institute, broken up into four two-day sessions, provides a deeper focus on race/ethnicity through a culturally proficient lens, developing foundational skills that can be applied to effectively serve all marginalized groups.
ACSA's New Superintendents Seminar Series (NSSS) is a professional learning program that has successfully assisted first- and second-year superintendents for over 14 years. The program places participants into a yearlong cohort and tackles the current issues faced by superintendents in five one-day workshop settings.