Sisterhood Leadership Symposium

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ACSA's Sisterhood Symposium.

Our Voices Are Vital!

Although women are underrepresented in all areas of school leadership, more women today are finding ways to prepare for and take advantage of positions in leadership.

The Sisterhood Leadership Symposium, co-sponsored by ACSA, CAAASA, CALSA, and CAAPLE is an inclusive space that brings together women in the education profession, women in leadership positions, and women leaders seeking to advance their career for a one-day event focusing on leadership, diversity, and empowerment. It is designed to honor and value the diverse and rich strengths that make us bold and courageous leaders for the students and communities we serve. Session content addresses relevant topics within the education field and provides practical tools and resources for attendees to implement at work right away.

Symposium goals:

  • Raise the voices of women in the profession
  • Share and promote work-life balance of women
  • Explore pathways to leadership
  • Provide educational learning opportunities related to an equity-driven culture
  • Understand the importance of an Executive Presence

Location: TBD | Dates: May TBD

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Sisterhood Leadership Symposium