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Seven Key Criteria for Measuring Growth

Seven Key Criteria for Measuring Growth

Is Your District Ready for Generation Alpha?

Is Your District Ready for Generation Alpha?

Seven Things to Communicate to Students Before Testing

Seven Things to Communicate to Students Before Testing

Measuring growth—not just proficiency—is key to meeting the needs of educators and kids alike. Discover what's really needed when measuring growth to inform instructional decisions that accelerate learning for every student.

Find out how future-ready your district is with this assessment quiz and receive a personalized guide and checklist to help you fine-tune your district’s assessment system and plan for success.

Do you want to stop using more of your instructional time assessing students who are simply not ready to engage in an assessment? Here are seven things you can do to get your kids ready.


You see a bright future for your students

The MAP® Suite shows you how to get them there. The MAP Suite is an assessment system that’s all about measuring what matters—so you can support growth and skill mastery for every student. This collection of purpose-built measures from NWEA illuminates every student’s learning needs, helping teachers to target instruction and administrators to make well-informed system-wide decisions.


“We wanted to develop a coherent system where we could see student growth over anextended period with a continuous scale score. MAP Growth provides this—and it’s very rare anywhere else.”
Dr. Michelle Rodriguez, Assistant Superintendent
for Teaching and Learning

Santa Ana Unified School District, CA

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