Equity Project

Equity 101 Workshop Series

ACSA, in conjunction with its equity partners, is proud to bring you a unique new professional develop experience designed to build your cultural proficiency capacity in order to lead for equity. We have designed a rich program for district teams and individual leaders from all educational levels to assist in the development of deep belief systems and understanding of diversity that empower you to be proactive and responsive to the diverse needs of the community you serve.

Educational Equity Roundtable

In this roundtable, Sonja Lowery, Tara Bianchi, and Edgar Lampkin Ed.D. sat down with ACSA Diversity and Equal Access Executive Nicole Anderson to discuss the challenges educators face in addressing critical gaps in supports and mindsets in order to provide equitable schooling.

Equity Institutes

ACSA recognizes that all of our protected classes (including but not limited to LGBTQ, gender, disabilities, religion, and language) fall under the scope of this work and deserve intentional and strategic efforts to provide relevant support.

Learn more about the program and find upcoming dates in your area.

Equity News

A call to action to advance educational equity in classrooms
from The Sacramento Bee, by ACSA Executive Director Wes Smith and Ryan Smith of The Education Trust-West

March is Women's History Month
Women have had a prominent part in our nation’s history yet the stories, until now, were left untold.


Post-Election Success and Healing

Watch a 30-minute webinar on post-election success and healing.


Why attend a webinar? The next best thing to an on-site workshop, ACSA has partnered with Corwin to provide webinars for your opportunity to interact directly with the field’s most influential thought leaders on a range of critical issues. What’s more, they’re free! Invite your entire team for a start-to-finish professional learning experience. Or download the slides post-webinar and share with your colleagues.


LGBTQ Tools, Networking and Resources

For tools and resources to help administrators better serve their LGBTQ students and staff. Our goal is to connect LGBTQ educational leaders and allies and provide information and resources for the success of LGBTQ educators and the students they serve.

Get Involved!

We would love to share this important work with you, whether you're interested in professional training on cultural proficiency, networking with colleagues, writing articles, participating in Twitter chats or all of the above.

For local events in your region, contact your Region leadership to find out the latest news. To learn more about all Equity Project events, resources and opportunities to get involved, please contact us.

Equity and Diversity Action Plan

SMART goals and action steps created around focus areas in ACSA's Equity Position Paper, and supported by the ACSA Strategic Plan, aim to move efforts forward on equity and achievement.


Equity Position Paper

Together our efforts must focus on closing the achievement gap in our schools and districts and on ensuring that all students meet standards.

Equity Toolkit: Introduction

ACSA leaders and collaborative partners have been working hard at rolling out the first phase of the equity toolkit to members. The toolkit’s purpose is to provide a “One Stop... Shop” equity resource for members to utilize as they build their cultural proficiency leadership capacity. It is designed to be a living document developed in phases to support the growth of leaders along the cultural proficiency continuum. The toolkit will be available on ACSA PD Online.


Is your site doing great things?

Submit your successful strategies to Equity and Diversity Executive, Nicole Anderson, at nanderson@acsa.org.


California Equity Leadership Alliance: Educational Community Letter

Our charge is to provide bold leadership and direction by working diligently to promote policies and practices that eliminate opportunity, access, and achievement gaps throughout the state.

Equity Project Highlights

ACSA’s Equity Project consists of services and products that support members in the area of equity and diversity. Within the Equity Project, the Equity Committee and ACSA Staff have focused on 3 goals: membership, communication, and Professional Learning. Within our professional learning services, we strive to provide relevant equity leadership training and support for ACSA leaders and members that focused on building capacity in cultural proficiency.


Equity and Access Survey

Highlights from ACSA's 2015 Equity and Access Survey include many suggestions for championing educational equity throughout California.