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Student Services & Special Education Council Handbook and Discipline Guide

The purpose of this manual is to guide you in understanding special education issues to "do it right:" to prevent the disputes and litigation to often get in the way and effectively administer student discipline and planning for administrative hearings. Included are four disk containing an electronic version of the handbook and guide, student discipline guide charts and The Discipline Process: Form Incident to Expulsion disk 1 & 2.

The New Elementary Principals' Handbook

The original Principals' Handbook was produced in 1996 by a group of award-winning principals serving on ACSA's Elementary Education Committee. The Handbook became a bestseller, and continues to serve as a resource for California principals. This 2013 edition retains the best of those practices and examples that work as well today as they did 17 years ago, and also includes hundreds of new strategies and samples for 21st century leaders. USB drive included.

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  • ACSA Mentor Program (member benefit)
    The ACSA Mentor Program helps new site leaders and administrators by providing personal, one-on-one support and guidance from an experienced ACSA mentor. This invaluable, free service is available to ACSA members.
  • Leadership Opportunities
    ACSA offers opportunities for leadership at a local, regional and state level, including serving on committees and councils, planning events and serving on regional and state Boards of Directors.
  • Networking Opportunities
    ACSA gives you the opportunity to network with educators in your region at the local level and across the state, expanding your support and influence.
  • Professional Learning (conferences, workshops, webinars)
    Find out about the many different learning opportunities ACSA offers, from multi-day conferences to online learning, and see what best fits your needs.
  • Academies (multiple dates/locations/topics)
    Intensive, multi-week programs designed around the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders and the standards for the CTC's Professional Clear Administrative Services Credential (CASC) program.
  • Member Benefits and Services
    Membership in ACSA can boost your career, provide a network of support and provide valuable services like contact assistance. Learn more about how ACSA can serve you.

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