State Budget Subcommittees Holding Hearings on 2017-18 Budget

March 17, 2017

The Senate and Assembly Budget Subcommittees on Education Finance have both initiated weekly hearings to discuss all aspects of the Governor’s proposed 2017-18 budget and the corresponding Proposition 98 minimum guarantee. Early comments by legislators indicate their budget priorities will include restoration of preschool and childcare slots and higher reimbursement rates, augmenting investments to address the teacher shortage, and leveraging new one-time funding for certain Democratic priorities. Legislators have also questioned whether the LCFF base grant sufficiently covers the increased costs districts are facing, such as higher pension obligations, and are starting to ask what will happen to Career Technical Education (CTE) programs once the CTE Incentive Grant expires at the end of 2017-18. Through the context of the budget deliberations, Republican legislators have also raised concerns with the existing reserve cap placed on districts in 2014. There are three bills either exempting basic aid and small districts (AB 235, O’Donnell), making adjustments to the existing law (SB 751, Hill), or proposing to repeal the cap (SB 590, Moorlach). Review ACSA’s letter to the Senate and Assembly Budget Committees outlining ACSA’s budget positions, approved by ACSA’s Board of Directors.

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