ACSA Releases Two-Minute Illustrated Video
on California School Dashboard

March 17, 2017

In an effort to support school leaders across the state with the roll-out of the new accountability system, ACSA staff developed a two-minute illustrated video describing the key components and purpose of the California School Dashboard. The video was first released at the State Board of Education meeting on March 8, and received positive recognition from both the Board members and ACSA’s administrators who have seen the video in the last week. As of Wednesday afternoon, the video had 1,468 views on ACSA’s YouTube channel. We anticipate this video will go viral since it succinctly captures the key components of the new accountability system, and ACSA staff is currently working on having the video in translated to Spanish as well. Feel free to share this link ( with other administrators and stakeholders in your regions or use as an introduction as part of any presentation you do related to the new accountability system. The California Department of Education has also uploaded the video on their Dashboard Communication Toolkit: