The goal of Advocacy in Action is to urge all ACSA members to reach out to their state legislators in October to build or maintain an existing relationship, and to remain in contact with their representatives year-round as we want to know how we can help! Reach out to ACSA Governmental Relations staff for advice and help. #ACSAadvocates.

Need Help Getting Started?

  • Reach out to your Region President or Region Vice President for Legislative Action to see if an existing team has already joined the effort.
  • If no team exists....start one!
  • Work with your region to develop an effort that will work locally.
  • Email Sarah Monte at if you need help connecting with your region team.

ACSA's Grassroots Advocacy Theme: Educate, Then Advocate

All ACSA members are experts in their field. When connected with legislators in your home district, remember that you are a resource to your legislator and can provide them perspective that can help them make the right decision for your district.

For more pointers and help, download our Grassroots Advocacy Toolkit.

Legislative Action Day 2017

To learn more about ACSA's Annual Legislative Action Day, go to


Grassroots Advocacy Quick-Tips

  • Be well informed. Do your research before you meet with your legislator - this will help you identify with them and communicate clearly.
  • Understand other perspectives. Anticipate being presented with an opposing view and don't be afraid to have an indepth discussion.
  • Be clear on your desired outcome. Educate, then advocate.
  • Make it personal. Meet face to face whenever possible.
  • Know your audience. Understand who the individual legislators are and how much influence they have in the field of education.
  • Bring positivity to the table. Focus on presenting solutions and options to resolve the problem instead of focusing on the problem itself.