SBE Officials Launch Fall 2017 CA School Dashboard

December 11, 2017

Last week state education officials launched the fall 2017 California School Dashboard, a Web site that provides valuable information on multiple measures regarding student and school performance in an easy-to-understand report card format.

California is making a series of major shifts in public education with one overriding goal: To improve learning so all students can be successful in school, college, work and life. We are raising academic standards, empowering local school communities, renewing our commitment to equity and changing the way we evaluate and support schools. Under the premise that every student, school and district can continuously improve, we encourage each of you to use the Dashboard and your local data to inform your practices and local decisions on budget priorities.

ACSA stands ready to support the work of our administrators and education leaders. Below is a compilation of resources available in both English and Spanish. I encourage you to use these resources to tailor your messages to your local community and to encourage parents and school staff to becoming familiar with the new California School Dashboard.

Resources on Communicating the Dashboard:

Resources on the System of Support and Differentiated Assistance:

Should you have any questions, please contact ACSA Legislative Advocate Martha Alvarez.

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SBE Officials Launch Fall 2017 CA School Dashboard