Strategic Planning

As the preeminent voice of public education in California and beyond, ACSA set forth to develop a Strategic Plan that would propel the association into the future poised to support all school leaders and the students they serve.

For more than a year, dozens of ACSA members, representing schools and districts from all corners of the state, came together to share ideas, address challenges and collaborate on shared goals and actions for the coming years. In addition, members are encouraged to submit feedback to share their vision for the association at any time.

The Five-Year Strategic Plan, adopted by the ACSA Board of Directors in July of 2013, challenges ACSA to be the driving force of education in California and beyond. It consists of a mission statement, parameters, objectives, a set of beliefs and nine strategies for action to ensure the association remains vital and constantly evolving. Download ACSA’s Five-Year Strategic Plan.

The nine strategies outlined in the plan also include specific action plans to turn that vision into reality. Implementation requires a multi-year approach, with specific strategies and action phased in over time.

Now that the Strategic Plan has been finalized, future ACSA budgets will be aligned with this new strategic direction. Feedback from regions, along with ACSA’s long-term finances, are key factors that the Board will use to determine how strategies and action plans are phased in over time.

At its July 2013 meeting, ACSA’s Board of Directors agreed to prioritize 18 action plans within each of the nine strategies. These action plans are those which will begin to be implemented during the 2013-15 years. View the Phase One Action Plans.


The mission of the Association of California School Administrators, the driving force of education in California and beyond, is to ensure the creation of communities of learning and teaching that serve both the aspirations of individual students and the greater good of society, through this unique and indispensable coalition distinguished by:

  • bold and authoritative advocacy;
  • dedication to the highest personal and professional ethics;
  • inspirational networks of discovery and sharing of knowledge;
  • mutual commitment to excellence; and
  • universal accessibility to learning.

Strategic Planning Resources

  • Strategic Plan Year One Implementation Update, 7/2014
    A comprehensive update of the staff’s year one achievements organized by Strategy and Action Plan.
  • Phase One Action Plans
    ACSA is energized to implement the first phase of the 5-year Strategic Plan adopted by the Board in July 2013.
  • Strategic Plan
    After more than a year of planning and member input, the ACSA Board of Directors has approved a 5-year Strategic Plan and an implementation plan for Phase 1 (years 1 and 2). In Phase I ACSA’s efforts will focus on all of the nine strategic areas and 18 action plans to achieve our mission and objectives.
  • Strategic Planning Talking Points
    These talking points explain the ACSA Board of Directors' request for feedback on the strategic direction of the association.
  • Strategic Plan PowerPoint Presentation
    The following PowerPoint Presentation explains the details of ACSA's Strategic Plan.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    The following Frequently Asked Questions can help clarify ACSA's Strategic Planning process.