New ACSA spokesperson begins work with video series emphasizing PAC’s importance

The ACSA PAC is proud to announce a series of videos featuring the new PAC spokesperson, Shannon Lujan. In the first of several videos, members will meet Lujan and hear from her about why ACSA PAC is crucial as we move into a new political era in California.

“ACSA PAC has a very important role, and that is to make sure (ACSA) members’ voices are heard at the political level,” said Lujan, in the first video (watch now).

With a background in politics and as the mother of two young children, Lujan understands the deep importance in advocating for the students of California. By sharing her experiences and becoming the face of the PAC, Lujan hopes to help ACSA members understand the PAC and embrace ACSA’s role in education politics.

“Donating to ACSA PAC is a great way to support the work that ACSA is doing across the state. This coming year we will have many opportunities to stand up for children, and donating to ACSA PAC is one of them,” said Adonai Mack, senior director of Political Affairs and Strategy for ACSA. “As of Fall 2016, we can now donate to ACSA PAC online.”

Head to and set up your monthly or one-time donation.

Starting in February 2017, ACSA donors will also be recognized with a gift from the ACSA PAC. When you make an online contribution of $250 or more, you will receive a gold ACSA PAC pin. A contribution of $100 or more, you will receive a silver PAC pin. And finally, by setting up reoccurring monthly donations of $20 or more, you earn a copper PAC pin.

“We want our members to be proud of their donations to the PAC—it acts as a megaphone for our collective voices. The new ACSA PAC pins give us a way to show our colleagues we value ACSA’s role in the political realm,” said Sarah Monte, policy analyst on the ACSA Political Affairs and Strategy team. “Advocating for education has never been more important. Now is the time to get involved, however you can.”

ACSA’s PAC will help ensure the voice of school leaders is heard in the state Capitol. ACSA’s primary goal is t protect the rights and best interests of children, and the administrators who serve them, is bolstered by the PAC in the political arena.

“When it comes down to it, we do not have the same resources for advocacy as the teachers unions or other large special interest groups,” Mack said. “But we have an outstanding advocacy team and members who are great at sharing the stories of how policies affect their schools and districts.

“We have been successful with that combination up to now, and having a stronger PAC will only increase our ability to advocate for students and schools.”

Look for new videos with ACSA PAC spokesperson Shannon Lujan in the coming weeks at

For questions about PAC donations, please contact Sarah Monte at

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