ACSA President submits court declaration
to protect students

ACSA President Ralph Porras has submitted a declaration on behalf of the organization to the United States District Court, outlining potential harm to the relationship between schools and their students and families if districts are forced to rescind their safe zone policies and resolutions.

“All students have the right to attend school in California, not just undocumented students but all students,” Porras said. “They also have a right to be in a public learning environment free from discrimination, harassment, and intimidation and ACSA is going to be a voice for all students.”

This declaration was submitted after ACSA’s Executive Committee voted to an amicus brief in support of cases filed by Santa Clara County and the City of San Francisco challenging President Trump’s January Executive Order empowering the Attorney General to declare local governments “sanctuary jurisdictions” that would be denied federal funds and be subject to “enforcement action.”

The purpose of the Order seems to be to force jurisdictions, such as school districts in California, to rescind their resolutions and policies related to being sanctuaries or “safe zones” where all students and their families can enter without fear of action against them related to legal status or the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

“The Order is vague and leaves jurisdictions, especially schools, guessing,” Porras said. “Right now we don’t know if this order means federal funding will be withheld and what mechanisms of enforcement may be implemented.”

Read the declaration that was submitted to the U.S. District Court.

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