Strategic Plan Communications Toolkit

Toolkit Overview

ACSA adopted a new Strategic Plan in July 2018 that lays out some exciting goals to drive the association toward continuous improvement, enable it to serve members better, and strengthen its position as an education system leader. While assembling this comprehensive plan was a lot of work for our collective team, the result is a plan that is both by our members and for our members.

While a significant portion of the implementation work is taking place at the ACSA state level, we will only fully realize the aspirations envisioned by this plan by working in close collaboration and coordination with all stakeholders on all levels of the association. This is so important that the plan directs ACSA to establish a process to identify shared State, Region and Charter goals and complimentary roles in achieving them.

Timeline for Reporting

ACSA Bylaws and Board-approved Policies & Procedures call for every Region to formulate a plan outlining the group's purpose, goals, events/activities, and evaluation methods at beginning of the year. Region leaders are asked to assure that the Region's work aligns with goals articulated in the plan to maximize our collective efforts. Region Strategic Focus documents are due and should be posted to Region websites by October 1, 2019.

Next May, Regions will be asked to both plan for the upcoming year AND assess their progress the prior year in supporting Milestones they identified for work. This Annual Reporting Template will be due by August 31 each year, beginning in 2020.

How to Use the Toolkit

This toolkit provides templates, resources, graphics, infographics, shareable content and presentations in order to assist Regions and Charters in communicating the work being done on all levels of ACSA.

Strategic Plan Communications Toolkit