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For over 30 years, Lozano Smith has been recognized as a preeminent leader serving hundreds of K-12 school districts and county offices of education throughout California. The firm’s unmatched culture continues to foster innovative, tailored legal services in every area of education law, including: charter schools, labor and employment, facilities and business, litigation, public finance, special education, student services and technology. Lozano Smith’s eight offices throughout the state provide clients with local, yet statewide expertise – giving clients the accessibility they deserve.


Supreme Court Says Plaintiffs In Law Enforcement First Amendment Retaliation Cases Must Prove No Probable Cause For Arrest

Supreme Court Says Plaintiffs In Law Enforcement First Amendment Retaliation Cases Must Prove No Probable Cause For Arrest


Jenell Van Bindsbergen, Sloan Simmons, Ryan Harrison, Sr.

Once a year, deep in the Alaskan wilderness, twelve thousand "snow hippies" exercise their right to party. Law enforcement officers chaperone them at a ratio of ten thousand to seven. At "Arctic Man," not to be confused with "Burning Man," there is a blizzard of skiers, snowmobilers, and bonfires....

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Episodes Available Now

We invite you to check out all released episodes, including: police in schools, equity and equality in school finance, Charter Schools Act, employee leave and accommodations requirements, students discipline for off-campus conduct, the California Public Records Act, and more.

Title IX Overview and Toolkit

The all-important topic of sexual harassment has taken center stage on a national level, and school districts are faced with exceedingly high obligations for addressing claims of sexual misconduct under Title IX. To help school district leaders address Title IX requirements and obligations, ACSA has partnered with Lozano Smith to develop a suite of related resources.

Download this resource that includes checklists, in-depth articles and valuable guides on implementing Title IX in your district.

Lozano Smith’s Title IX Impact Team

Title IX has taken center stage on a number of fronts. Long before the national attention, Lozano Smith’s Title IX Impact Team was formed as a specialized group dedicated to the pressing issues faced by school districts. From athletics to sexual violence, this team advises, trains, and educates clients on the various components of Title IX – from prevention and mitigation to investigation and response.

Areas of Practice

The Title IX Impact Team draws from multiple practice groups and focuses to streamline advice and counsel. Areas in which the group provides advice and training include:

  • Audit of athletic programs
  • Audit of grievance procedures and policies
  • Discipline of employees and students
  • Sexual misconduct and harassment
  • Student and employee protections
  • Investigations
  • Title IX Coordinator roles and responsibilities
  • District and employee liability
  • Interaction with law enforcement agencies
  • Litigation

Key Contributors

Trevin Sims, Michelle Cannon, and Stephanie White.

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