ACSA Mentor Program

Making Qualified Leaders Effective

The ACSA Mentor Program links an educational leader, new to his or her position, with an experienced, skilled, dedicated, and confidential mentor. It is a relationship builder based on trust, confidence, and expert guidance. Like so many other professions, educational leaders need someone that they can call upon to help them through the trials and tribulations of their first and second year in a new position. This relationship is not geared around supervision or evaluation, but rather collegiality, support, and collaboration.

Mentoring is an excellent way to provide on the job, confidential, practical support for new administrators, and possibly the best aspect is that the service is absolutely FREE to ACSA members. Each and every time a district hires an administrator, the district is making a substantial investment. It simply makes sense to develop and protect that investment, and the Mentor Program is a great starting point. We are encouraging all superintendents to let their new administrators know of the program and encourage them to participate.

Within the Association of California School Administrators, our goal is to improve the effectiveness of administrative leaders, thereby increasing the success of their students, and protecting the investment that is administrative personnel. District and school administrators are expected to be great leaders from the very beginning of their careers, but the framework to hone their leadership skills primarily occurs prior to their gaining practical experience.

The Mentor Program is coordinated by retired administrators Marc Ecker and John Almond, and they have secured the services of a diverse cadre of regional facilitators. These facilitators are highly skilled, experienced, and motivated educational leaders who have accepted the responsibility to oversee the mentor/protégé relationships in their respective geographic areas. These facilitators have all had very successful careers and understand the qualifications and characteristics necessary to be a positive mentor for a protégé.

The Mentor Program is one of the many professional development opportunities offered by ACSA, and, during this past year, our regional facilitators were responsible for establishing approximately 100 mentor/protégé relationships. #mentorshipmatters

Feedback from participants has been very positive, and it is our hope that even more new administrators will take advantage of this program in the coming year. We began with superintendents and have now moved on to include site administrators, especially principals, and district office staff. Basically, the program is open to all first and second year administrators that are new to their position.

If you are a first or second year administrator, simply complete the survey on this page, and you will be contacted by one of our regional facilitators. Remember, it’s confidential, and it’s free!

The ACSA Mentor Program team

Mentor Program Facilitators
From top left: Marc Ecker (Program Director), Larry Perondi (Region 16 & 18 Facilitator), Will Ector, Jr. (Region 8 Facilitator), Dale Hansen (Region 1 & 2 Facilitator), John Porter (Region 14 & 15 Facilitator), Ron Williams (Region 12 & 19 Facilitator), Marvin Biasotti (Region 10 Facilitator), Jim Negri (Region 4, 5 & 6 Facilitator), Joanne Godfrey (Program Support), Arturo Flores (Region 3 & 7 Facilitator), John Almond (Program Director), Diane Scheerhorn (Region 17 Facilitator), Trudy Arriaga (Region 13 & 16 Facilitator), Marilyn Shepherd (Region 9 & 11 Facilitator), Margarita Cuizon (Senior Director of Member Services & Support)