Upcoming workshops focus on meetings mastery

MeetingsMaster workshops offered by the ACSA Planning Center aim to help education leader accomplish larger commitments with greater ease, while at the same time building satisfaction and leadership capacity within individuals, staff and teams.

MeetingsMaster is highly interactive, timely and solidly grounded in research, action logic and practices that that are rarely taught, yet highly effective. Two upcoming sessions have been scheduled for June 17 on Ontario and June 18 in Burlingame.

Planning Center Director Kathy Ohm said, “Meetings are the lifeblood of organizations – where coherent action is forwarded, stopped or backtracked; where leadership capacity and teamwork are developed or not; where human energy and talent are freed up or constrained; where constructive school and organization cultures are strengthened or weakened.”

Meetings add value or create waste and are the constant in an administrator’s life, Ohm said. They can be a key leverage for higher level action, satisfaction and organizational performance.

Under the MeetingsMaster banner, participants will learn a new conceptual framework for meetings; the essential element for any successful meeting; anatomy of action and conversations that get things done – with positive culture impact; how to build capacity and free up time; nonverbal communication strategies; tools for insight and innovative thinking; approaches for a variety of meetings design and facilitation; and the most underutilized meeting practice and why it matters for longer-term outcomes.

Among the most important outcomes has been helping education leaders turn around lower performing organizations. Participants have experienced new learning, deep reflection and fun, Ohm said.

Comments on the workshop offered in March include:

• “MeetingsMaster gave me the depth to take my meetings to the next level and the tools for better meeting outcomes.
– Duane Russell, principal, Region 15

• “This workshop provided valuable insights, self-reflection and best practices for successfully using meeting time to maximize essential outcomes.
– Raul Hernandez, principal, Region 12

• “The training provided valuable tools to increase collaboration and cooperation during meetings to produce positive outcomes predicated on shared responsibility.
– Gil Ogden, director of student services, Region 7

• “I walked away with tools that will immediately benefit my meetings and energize my staff...”
– Mark Shalhoub, principal, Region 19

Ohm is accomplished at both leadership and organizational development training, which she has practiced for more than 20 years at ACSA, in addition to strategy and culture.

“For an administrator, MeetingsMaster is a means to grow influence, build leadership capacity of staff and teams, and achieve outcomes beyond what he or she had seen as possible,” Ohm said. “For me, the underlying purpose is a desire to see human beings – adults and students – thrive and produce unprecedented results. This is one way in which I can contribute to talented people who can make that happen: school and district administrators.”

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