California Clear Administrative Credential Overview

Requirements for seeking a Professional Clear Administrative Services Credential:

  • Possession of a valid Preliminary Administrative Services Credential,
  • Verification of a minimum of two years of successful experience in a full-time administrative position in a public school or private school of equivalent status,
  • And one of the following five program options:

Option 1
Completion of a college or university based program currently accredited by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.
Traditional college programs are an option for candidates seeking a professional clear administrative services credential. Applications must be submitted through the college or university through which the program was completed.

Option 2
Completion of a State Board of Education approved AB430 Principal Training Program.
Individuals using the ATP to earn the Clear Administrative Services Credential must have completed the program, the online survey required by CDE, and applied for the Clear Administrative Services Credential by April 1, 2014. The last date for receipt of an application or for issuance of the clear credential based on the ATP was April 1, 2014.

Option 3
Mastery of fieldwork performance standards through a Commission accredited program.
Persuant to SB 1655, colleges and universities with accredited programs leading to a Professional Clear Administrative Services Credential may offer a streamlined assessment option to candidates. Under this option institutions may allow candidates to forego the coursework component of the program and allow them to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and abilities through the assessment component of the program. The assessment must result in formal recommendation for the credential. Until the Commission adopts new standards, accredited institutions may offer this option under the existing standards for Professional Clear Administrative Services Credentials (Standards 10 and 11.) An application for the credential based on this evaluation must be submitted by the college or university that conducted the evaluation and must include the recommendation form and $55 fee. Specific information regarding this option has been provided to all colleges and universities offering programs leading to the Professional Clear Credential.

Option 4
Passage of a national administrator performance assessment adopted by the Commission.
The Commission may adopt a national administrator assessment for the second level of licensure. However, to date no performance assessment has been approved by the Commission.

Option 5
Completion of a Commission approved program sponsored by a local education agency or university based on new program standards.
Colleges, universities, and local education agencies may provide programs for Commission approval based on new standards are adopted.

ACSA is an approved program provider through a coaching program. The program is designed around the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSEL's). Participants current level of development for each of the six CPSEL's will be assessed. The assessment data will be used to identify strengths and areas for growth. Each participant will collaboratively develop, with a mentor, an Individual Development Plan (IDP) around their strengths and areas of focus. The IDP will guide the mentoring and coaching until the participant can demonstrate competence for all six standards. The participant will develop a portfolio of evidence that reflects their competence.