Superintendents' Symposium

Online schedule available now! Click  here to see the line up of speakers and sessions that will be covered at the Symposium!

The goal of ACSA’s Superintendents’ Symposium is to bring school leaders from around the state together for an invaluable two and half days of professional learning, networking and advocacy. This is the best time to look at the Governor’s Budget and for superintendents to get together to review the state-of-the-state and the state-of-the-district. That's essential but more than ever before it is time for Superintendents to lead a movement to restore California schools to their once held rank of the best in the nation. As part of this Symposium's networking and professional learning we will create, debate, and take a vote on an initiative that will transform California schools. Be there and include your voice in an "uprising" of California Superintendents. Please consider either allocating your registration fee out of your current budget or building your symposium expenditures into your next year’s budget.

Superintendents' Symposium Resources