School leaders are a powerful voice for public education. Becoming known as an influential advocate takes time, talent and skill, and the better you are, the more effective your advocacy becomes. ACSA is recognized throughout the country for its expertise, commitment and success in advocating the association's mission and interests. Whether the issue is changes to ESEA, algebra requirements, finance or curriculum, ACSA's advocacy networks ensure that we are a dominant voice in the deliberations.  

Action Alerts and Updates:

Urge Congress to Support Social Security Fairness Act




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Advocacy Headlines

  • Common Core Parent Messages
    ACSA works closely with many statewide organizations in advancing support for schools and communities to understand and communicate about the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).
  • May Revision Proposes a Great Path for Adult Education
    In the 2015-16 May Revision, the administration demonstrated that it heard local educational agencies (LEAs) and advocates’ concerns...
  • Federal Update - May 2015
    The federal government is notorious for moving slowly but this year has been different. ESEA reauthorization, privacy, IDEA, teacher preparation programs, and more are moving rather quickly. Our federal partnership with CSBA has proved to be extremely beneficial and continues to expand our involvement in the myriad of federal education issues currently being discussed. The following provides an overview of the most recent federal actions.
  • How We Can Fix School Discipline Toolkit
    The "How We Can Fix School Discipline Toolkit" is a step-by-step guide to working together to change harsh discipline rules.