ACSA vice president candidates issue election statements

The election of ACSA vice president for 2010-11 is scheduled for May 13 at the Delegate Assembly in Sacramento. The two candidates remaining in the race, Joel Ruiz Herrera and David Gomez, have issued statements leading up to the election. EdCal presents those statements this week.

Dr. David Gomez, superintendent, Santa Paula, UHSD, Region 13

For almost 40 years, ACSA has served as the champion for California’s students, schools and those that lead them. Our schools could not function without our dedicated principals, superintendents and the hundreds of other administrators who support them.

For almost that same number of years – 30 years now – I have served in a range of jobs in public education, as a teacher, a school principal, an associate superintendent, and now as superintendent of the Santa Paula Union High School District. I also have been active on many ACSA committees during my 23 years as an ACSA member.

As a strong, experienced leader who also served in the military for 24 years, I will represent you well and help lead our ACSA team in key issues like adequate school funding, support for our administrators, and increasing student achievement. I also want to ensure that ACSA strengthens its commitment to professional development and mentoring our members to become skilled leaders and effective advocates. Our goal is to make ACSA the most influential, respected, student-focused and service-oriented educational association in the state.

I care deeply about our schools, our administrators and California’s students. I have the experience, the educational background and the strong leadership skills to help take ACSA from Good to Great.

Joel Ruiz Herrera, Ed.D., director, educational services, Oak Grove SD, San Jose

Region 8

ACSA is truly a special and forward-thinking organization. Our leadership matters in every school and district in the state. I envision three goals to help ACSA be the most influential student-focused and service-oriented educational association in existence.

• We must continue our advocacy for our students. Advocacy between and among us is also important, and especially critical when it comes to recruiting new members and growing ACSA.

• Recognition is a meaningful way to support California’s educational leaders, while remembering that it takes a team to get it done. We are in this together!

• Critical to the success of ACSA and our districts is the empowerment of each other and especially our next generation of leaders who will help lead the way in addressing the challenges we face. This includes classified educational leaders, underrepresented groups, retirees and younger generations as we seek to mentor others and advance professional development and leadership opportunities.

I have served as a high school teacher; an elementary, middle and high school administrator; a district office administrator; and an ACSA leader at the charter, region and state level. I thank you for your service to ACSA and to California’s children. Together, we will continue to Champion Public Education.