One-day, April charter school workshops offer legal insight

ACSA, Total School Solutions and the law firm of Fagen, Friedman and Fulfrost are teaming up to offer important workshops on the basics of charter schools. This is an issue of growing interest to many school districts.

"What One Must Know About Charter Schools" are affordable, half-day workshops that will provide district administrators with the key, basic information they need to know about reviewing and responding to charter school petitions.

The workshops will also inform attendees on how to provide the necessary and legally required oversight of charter schools.

These workshops are set up to provide an objective perspective and overview of the charter petition process, legal requirements, and the responsibilities and obligations required to provide proper oversight of charter schools.

Many educators are already aware that charter schools are an increasingly growing phenomenon in California. Currently our state has the largest number of charter schools and serves the largest number of students through charter schools in the country. The information offered in these workshops will be crucial, since a lack of knowledge regarding business and fiscal requirements is the cause of most charter school failures.

The workshops will provide information on such issues as the questions related to conversion and dependent charter schools. For example, will dependent charters be eligible for public school grants? What must the governance team structure look like for conversion and/or dependent charters? The answers to these questions and more will be provided.

The dates and locations for the workshops are: April 13, Natomas USD; April 15, Fresno COE; April 22, Pomona USD; and April 23, Northern San Diego County.

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