Fingerprinting mandate gone from CBET regs

Thanks to ACSA’s opposition, the Office of Administrative Law has removed language from emergency regulations that would have required adult enrollees of the Community Based English Tutoring Program to be fingerprinted.

The new regulations, without the fingerprinting language, were approved by the State Board of Education during its meeting May 7. This means there will be no changes to the current fingerprinting requirement for CBET enrollees or tutors. However, the State Board did authorize the use of CBET funds to fingerprint CBET tutors if the district opts to use the funds this way.

The regulations, with the fingerprinting language, were initially approved by the State Board in March. The regulations were then sent to the OAL for review, which deemed the California Department of Education overstepped its authority by requiring fingerprinting.

ACSA was opposed to the fingerprinting requirement because it would have been cost prohibitive, and may have cost more than the CBET program itself, thus leading to the elimination of the program in many districts. In addition, many adult enrollees are foreign born and fearful of being fingerprinted, which would have led to fewer students benefiting from this successful tutoring program. It also didn’t make sense to fingerprint the enrollee when there is no contact with a student until after completion of the program.

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