General Inquiries

Membership Inquiries

General Inquiries

When is the Week of the School Administrator?
California’s “Week of the School Administrator” honors school leaders the first full week of March, as per California’s Education Code section 44015.1. (Go to page 19 of our Leadership Matters Toolkit for a Sample “WOSA” Support Letter.)

Where can I find ACSA Awards Program forms and information?
Go to About ACSA and select Awards Program, or go directly to the Awards Program page. You can also read more frequently asked questions about the Awards Program.

How can I subscribe to EdCal and/or Leadership Magazine?
Subscriptions to both publications are a benefit of all levels of ACSA membership. If you are not eligible for membership, a subscription can be purchased by contacting Member Services at (916) 444-3216 or (800) 608-ACSA.

How can I receive legislative updates from ACSA?
You can sign up for updates by contacting Suzanne Caffrey in our Governmental Relations department at (916) 444-3216 or (800) 608-ACSA. Legislative alerts and updates are a service for ACSA members only.

How can I find out more about the Interim Administrator Positions Program?
Contact Sue Periera at (916) 444-3216 or (800) 608-ACSA for information on the program.

Where can I find information on National Distinguished Principals?
For application packets, forms, timelines and more, contact Mike Bossi in the Educational Services Department at (916) 444-3216 or (800) 608-ACSA or by clicking here. K-8 elementary and middle school principals are eligible to apply. The deadline for nominations is in late March.

How do I post a job announcement on ACSA’s Web site or in the EdCal JobBoard?
ACSA offers a variety of online and print ad products for advertising open positions. Go to ACSA’s online Career Center to purchase online postings, view resumes and buy print ad space for JobBoard job announcements in EdCal, ACSA’s weekly newspaper. Read more frequently asked questions about placing job ads in the JobBoard, or download a complete guide to advertising in the JobBoard.

Where can I find the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELs)?
You can view the standards by going to the Professional Learning menu and selecting Promising Practices, or by clicking here.

What are the conditions for Web links on the ACSA Web site?
Conditions for Links from ACSA’s Web site:
All web links are subject to approval by the Association of California School Administrators.
ACSA reserves the right not to provide links to any website or web content within its sole and absolute discretion for any reason whatsoever.
ACSA does not link to websites or content deemed misleading or offensive to members and/or links inconsistent with the programs and purposes of the association or in conflict with the association-sponsored programs.
ACSA reserves the right to terminate or reject any links that do not conform to the standards of its website or the association.

Membership Inquiries

What is the cost of ACSA membership?
The cost of membership depends on several factors. For Regular Members the dues calculation is as follows: [last year’s salary] x .0090; divided by 10 payments or 12 payments (depending on the district) for the monthly payroll deduction dues. Other categories have flat annual fees.
Learn more about membership categories, or contact Member Services at (916) 444-3216 or (800) 608-ACSA for more information.

How can I change/update my address?
Contact Member Services and provide your new/updated information via phone, fax or email. 
    Phone: (916) 444-3216 
    Toll Free: (800) 608-ACSA 
    Fax: (650) 692-7297 
    Email: memberservices@acsa.org

What are the benefits of membership?
The benefits received depend on the membership category, and include subscriptions to ACSA publications, lower rates to attend ACSA events and discounts on auto insurance, travel and entertainment. Learn more about membership categories and the benefits offered within each category.

How do I join ACSA?
We offer membership applications in each of our membership categories, as well as for special promotions. To apply, fill out an application and fax it to our Member Services department. Download membership applications, or contact Member Services at (916) 444-3216 or (800) 608-ACSA to receive an application.

How can I get professional legal assistance?
If a regular member of ACSA needs assistance involving an ethical question or a legal question pertaining to the following: breach of employment contract, tenure rights, credential problems, dismissal, demotion, salary policy disputes, suspension, or criminal charges related to the performance of professional duties, he or she can contact a Member Assistance Advocate by calling (800) 608-ACSA, or emailing jgodfrey@acsa.orgLearn more about professional legal assistance.

Please contact us if you have a question not listed here.