Governmental Relations

ACSA maintains a staff of four registered lobbyists to handle all of the policy and fiscal issues that impact preschool through adult education in California. Each lobbyist is assigned to cover specific issue areas that may be as broad as the state budget or as narrow as school site acquisition or adult education. In any given year, the governmental relations team actively follows more than 800 individual bills over a two-year legislative session. In addition, ACSA advocacy staff cover issues and policy matters before state and federal regulatory bodies that impact K-adult programs and services.

The governmental relations team of legislative advocates, management executives and legislative assistants collectively possess more than 130 years of combined political, policy, education, governance, program and negotiating experience. Staff members are eager to help administrators who have questions on pending legislation or current statutes.

Governmental Relations Staff




Alysha Heatherly Sacramento Legislative Assistant
Adonai Mack Sacramento Legislative Advocate
Liza Morris Sacramento Legislative Associate
Laura Preston Sacramento Legislative Advocate
Open Sacramento  Legislative Advocate
Open  Sacramento  Director
Sal Villasenor Sacramento  Legislative Advocate