Staff & Departments


The Communications Department works to further ACSA's goal of providing instantaneous dissemination of reliable, in-depth information.  Led by Communications Director Naj Alikhan, the department manages ACSA's Web site and produces EdCal, a weekly newspaper; and Leadership, a magazine published five times per year.  The communications team also directs association campaign activities, serves as ACSA's link with the news media and produces marketing materials for association events and activities.

Educational Services

ACSA’s Educational Services Department operates under the direction of Chris Adams.  The department's responsibilities include leadership in curriculum, instruction, assessment and accountability issues; providing access to optional pathways for the Prelimary and Professional Clear Administrative Services Credentials; professional learning programs and events and collaborations with other associations, businesses and professional groups.


The Executive Department is responsible for association management within the organization's three offices.  Executive Director Wes Smith serves as the chief executive officer of the association, recommending and participating in the formulation of new policies and making decisions based on exisiting policies as they have been approved by the Board of Directors.  Under his leadership, the department's responsibilities include human resources, information technology, office management, committee/council relations and planning Board and delegate events.

Financial Services

The Financial Services department operates under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), David Gasser.  The department handles such functions as general accounting for all ACSA entities, budget development and monitoring, financial reporting (to internal and external sources), financial planning and analysis, payroll, cash management, investments, banking relations, insurance, leases, liaison to ACSA committees and other outside agencies and organizations, reporting on PACs, taxes, pension plans, annual audits of the association including all its entities, and support to the Executive Director, Finance Committee and Board on financial matters affecting ACSA.

Governmental Relations

The Governmental Relations Department is committed to carrying out ACSA's legislative and political programs, operating under Director Sherry Skelly Griffith.  The department is responsible for developing and influencing legislation, working with the Legislative Policy Committee and Vice Presidents for Legislative Action and managing the Employment Training Network.

Information Technology

The Information Technogoy Department implements, operates and manages all technology hardware/solftware systems and network infrastructure, and supports ACSA staff in the use of these technology resources. The department is responsible for ensuring the availability of these resources to meet ACSA's mission statement, strategic goals and objectives. We support current and existing technologies for our staff and events, as well as implement new and exciting technologies for the furutre of ACSA.

Member Services

Under the leadership of Director Margarita Cuizon, the Member Services Department comprises three units: Member Services Processing, Membership Recruiters and Member Assistance Advocates.  The Member Services Processing Unit is responsible for the management and maintenance of the membership database, which contains sensitive information about our members.  This unit is also charged with the billing and collection of dues and PAC contributions for the more than 14,500 ACSA members, and is also the unit that provides membership lists, labels and demographic information upon request.

Member Assistance and Legal Support Team

Our 6 advocates are seasoned part-time professionals who provide members with information concerning professional, ethical and legal matters related to employment status and due process rights.  They also assist with reviewing, developing and revising multi-year contracts and memoranda of understanding. The advocates are retired school administrators and are an excellent resource for information on the Education Codes. 

Region Staff

ACSA's Region staffers work within each region to further communication, collaboration and outreach between state ACSA and the region leadership.